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I started DJ-ing during the early 90's, and founded the club Smashing, epicentre of the Britpop scene. Since those heady days I've travelled extensively, providing an eclectic retro flavoured soundtrack to countless fashion shows, parties and events across the globe.


As an avid collector of music, I have unearthed a bounty of lost gems and compiled them on many albums for both major and independent record companies, kickstarting the popular lounge revival of the mid 90's.


Recently I became features editor of Beige magazine, interviewing various cult figures, artists and actors whose work I admire. In addition, I review plays, shows and events for the publication.


Combining these varied occupations, I co-curate and mount exhibitions as part of Duovision, producing gallery events and contributing a suitable musical score to the art presented.  

james m barrett portrait of martin green




' By 1993 Smashing was based in the unreconstructed cellar club Eve's on Regent's St; superstars in waiting Damon Albarn and Jarvis Cocker would be sat next to Leigh Bowery and Damian Hirst '


Yeah Yeah Yeah - The Story of Modern Pop - Bob Stanley 








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